Default IP addresses are the accession points for administration panel that is used to manage network connections. There are few standard IP addresses for all brand and type of wireless router. 1 is not correct for IP adress.People rarely enter IP addresses wrongly in such a that way. The true IP address is 192.168.0. 1 .If you enter wrong IP address, you face with disconnection warnings in your searching browser. IP addresses are 8 digits and has extra digit so it is not correct.

  What can be done with

If you write in the correct way like ,you can operate your network connection and modem settings. in the correct way IP address takes the users admin panel and admin panel can be used for these operations :

-Modem and network settings and preferences

-LAN,WLAN and WAN settings and other connection issues

-DNS and Proxy settings(security preferences and internet protocols)

-Changing security options

-Renewing the modem interface(changing user name, passwords and even default IP addresses)

-Network connection problems and protecting probable network problems

-Investigating for wireless router performance and network connection speed.

 What can I do if I do not enter the 192.168. 0 .1 .1? is the wrong IP address to access admin panel for wireless router and broad router. The correct form is Although you enter the true IP address and can not enter the admin panel ,you must check these steps:

-Be sure that all cables of wireless router is working properly and modem has no electrical problems

-Control the on-off button of your modem

-Be sure that there is no internet connection problems in your area.In  order to learn this, you can call your network servicer.

-Try to control whether or not you write correct user name and password

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