Network network connection IP address is a way to fix some network and modem settings. Connecting to network page is accession to administration panel. Administration panel is an interface that consist of all modem and networking settings, security options like DNS and Proxy and modem user interface. By clicking on network, many probable problems can be fixed.

 How to access network?

⇒In order to access network, copy paste on url bar of searching browser. If it is not working, then is  not suitable for your modem type. Try alternative IP addresses.

⇒ Look for admin panel and find user name and password section

⇒ Enter the user name and password of wireless router (If you do not know, you can check back side of your modem)

⇒ After that, if it is needed, please write your user name and password of network servicer (For learning this, you can call or search your network servicer.)

⇒ Enter the administration panel and to managing all network and modem setting, click on network settings or network preferences.

Thanks to network, you can access the admin panel easily and fast. is the one of the most common IP address to access admin panel of broad router of many brands.

What kind of modem brands are suitable for   network?

       Almost all brand and type of wireless router is used network for their administration panel. To check whether or not it is suitable for you wireless router, you can write in url section of your searching browser. If you face a warning about disconnection ,then is not for your wireless router.

IN order to access admin panel, you must find alternative IP address. You can learn alternatives by searching on the internet.There are few list that includes alternative IP address links for all wireless routers.

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