Admin admin panel is one of the IP addresses which allows you to moderate your modem settings. In worldwide,  most of the wireless router brands support  administration panel. You can easily check whether or not this IP is suitable for your wireless router type on the web site of your modem brand. admin panel can be used for network and modem settings, probable problems, changing user interface and password changes.Also ,admin panel is used to organizing security options and DNS changing operations.

 How to access to admin panel?

            In order to access admin panel of wireless router , IP address is written in the url searching bar and enter the administration panel. You can directly click  http://192.168.l.2 . When accessing to panel is completed, you must enter your modem user name and password. If you do not know your modem information, you can check it on the modem.

Generally modem brands have specific user and password data and it is written on the wireless router. After you enter the admin panel ,you can do your modem and network settings.

 What if I could not access to admin panel?

             If your accession is not permitted to administration panel despite our instructions, you must firstly check you modem type and brand. And then you can reset your wireless router. Resetting is a simple process that deletes all data on your modem and gives a chance to use a modem in factory setting.You can reset your modem by holding  reset button of your modem.

Except resetting your modem, using different IP admin panel address is also an option. In order to learn other IP address, you can search administration panel links on the net. In the case of all these instructions do not help to your problem, you can talk with you network servicer.

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