IP address of your modem is a way to access to your modem setting panel that is called administration panel .With administration panel that is shortly called admin panel is used all networking and modem settings. Using right IP address is the only way to go admin panel. Even though there are specific IP address for almost all type pf modem, there are few brands of modem which is used a specific IP address for their products. is an example of it. is a fixed IP address for some modem brands and type. Even though it is not common, some brands prefer

Some example about suitable brand and type of modem for


  • Some 3Com OfficeConnect routers
  • Netopia / Cayman Internet gateways
  • Billion ADSL routers
  • Linksys SRW2024 managed switches
  • Westell modems for Bellsouth / AT&T DSL Internet service in the U.S.

         How to login ito IP address?

  1. Write into your searching gap of browser.
  2. When the main page of admin panel is opened, fill in the blanks with user name and password of your modem.(If you do not remember, control back of label that is the back side of modem or reset your modem.
  3. Click on network settings or network preferences section(The way that part is called is up to your modem brand and type)
  4. You are now at administration panel.You can do network and modem settings.

    What if I do not want to use

If you do not want to use  every time, you can change it, For changing default IP address of your modem, you firstly must go admin panel and must find IPv4 section. In that section ,your IP address is written. You can change  your default IP address from this section. After changing, alternative IP addresses can be used. The most common alternative IP address is

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