Administration panel is a gateway to manage network connections. All internet users rarely face some problems about network connections and the most part of the problem is caused by modem settings. In order to fix modem and network problems, specific IP addresses are used and with the help of these addresses ,admin panel is apperead.

Administration panel gives opportunity to users to manage their network connections. Typical example for IP addresses is “″. For accessing ,these instructions can be followed:

⇒ In the url bar, write and enter

⇒ Open the main page of admin panel and find user name and password blanks

⇒ Fill those blanks with your user name and password of modem which are at back side of your modem originally

⇒ If it is necessary, fill in the other blanks that are about user name and password of network servicer (If you do not know, call your network servicer)

⇒ Open the admin panel

⇒ Go directly network settings

Accession to web page  gives you opportunity to operate network connection as admin and you can do these operations :

  • All network and modem settings
  • WLAN,LAN and WAN settings
  • DNS and Proxy security options (Also, you can organize similar security options)
  • Redesigning of modem user interface
  • Changing default IP address
  • Changing the name of wireless and password
  • Determining network and modem preferences
  • Handling with some probable network and modem settings
  • Investigating the performance of your modem and internet connection
  • Learning default manufacturing properties of your wireless router

What if I do not want to use  as IP address?

After opening the admin panel, you can change your default IP address at IPv4 section. If you think it is hard to remember   address and want to change with alternative ones just change IP address at IPv4 section.After that, restart your modem and use your new IP address.

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