Zyxel has multi-purpose modems. Zyxel has modems with VDSL, ADSL, Business, Router, Wireless AC Router, Wireless Extender, Network Adapters, Network Switches, and Network Storage and Media Players.

Each of the modems has separate features and separate technological innovations. You can buy these modems. Modems that are subscribed to by Internet providers are limited and there are not many types. Generally, modems are sent according to fiber or ADSL usage. On the other hand, the passwords of modems sent to you by internet providers are the same. We can not say the same thing for other models.

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The modems sent by you to the internet providers are the user names “admin” and the passwords are the provider names. If you are coming from Ttnet company, you are in password “ttnet”. But if you have provided the modem yourself, then the password will change. Commonly, modems have the user name “admin” and the password is “1234”. However, this information differs from Modem to Modem.

You are using the username and password of your modem to log in to the modem interface. For this reason, you also need to learn your modem’s IP address.

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