Find Router IP Address

Router IP address is the way of changing your Wi-Fi connections name and password. It also gives you a chance to make many setting about your internet connections. Finding router IP address  for computers, tablets and smart phones can be challenge for some people but actually it you can easily find router IP address with the help of some steps.

 Find router IP address for Windows users

    If you use Windows, you can open Control Panel to find router IP address. For better version of Windows such as Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 , start button is also a way to find router IP address.After clicking network settings, you must open connections.When you look for details  ,you will see IPv4 Gateway section.The number which is written in this section is your router IP address.

Find router IP address for IPad and IPhone users

     For IPad and IPhone users, you can directly open settings and then Wi-Fi settings. Router IP address will be appeared on that page.In that section, IP address is written clearly.

 Find router IP address for Android users

      To find router IP address in Android smart phones, you must use an app that analyzes your Wi-Fi connections.There is no obvious way to investigate your router IP address in Android smart phones.For that you can download an app and can find router IP address.

Find router IP address for Linux users

      In Linux computers, it is easy to find router IP address. Network settings is found on the notification area.From there, you must open Connection Information. Router IP address is written there.

Find router IP address for Mac users

For Mac users, click on System Preference. In that section, go Network icon.  Choose the advanced settings. In TCP-IP section, router IP address can be found.

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