Recover Router Password (Changing)

Administration panel of the wireless router is a gateway for network and modem settings. Through some IP address, accession to admin panel can be done. After accession to panel, in order to  completely use administration panel user interface and password are asked. In the case of forgetting or unknowing your user name and password, you must recover router password. In order to “recover router password”, there are two options below:

Resetting is one the options that allows you to use your wireless router in factory mode. Using modem in factory mode means that you can use your modem as the time you bought it. When resetting process is made, all information on wireless router is deleted. After that, new user name and password can be created.

Recovering router password can be done from this way. In that recover router password options, all information is omitted. That’s why, you must bear in mind that it can be risky if you do not want to delete your saved network passwords.

For resetting process, you firstly find resetting button of modem.It is a hidden button on your modem box. After finding the button, hold it for a while and wait restarting of your wireless router.In order to re-login to the router interface, you can log in from the ip address that is suitable for your router brand, which is the default, and, etc. You can learn more information here.

  • If you do not want to delete all your data, there is also an option to recover router password. For this option, your network connection must work properly. In order to recovering process, open your internet browser. Look for its options section. Try to find security settings. In security settings, there is a section that is called saved password. From that, you can look at your password. Do not forget that to use this method, your network connection must be.

If you face some problems while applying these instructions and recovering router password, do not try to hack into it. In that case, you must call your network servicer.

How to change your router password

First, access your router’s main management panel with your default login information. See here ( Default router password list) for your default login information.

Then, enter the “password” section from the “administration” section.

Change your password here with a new one and click “apply“.

Your password has been successfully changed. You can now login to your router.For your security, you should change your administrator password periodically and keep your router backup along with your password. When you reset the router, all your settings are reset. If you have many settings such as guest network or parental control, timing, bridge mode, these are reset when reset. Therefore, we recommend that you take backups in order not to lose all your settings.

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