the IP address used by the majority of the household network devices worldwide

Do you want to have an idea about “ It is an IP address for the routers and modems and the best part is you can use the IP address in multiple network devices. In fact the reset button can be used in case of any network configuration error.

192.168.l.l is a default IP address for the majority of household routers and modems. The IP address was initially applied by Linksys and since the time it has been in application in various other home networking devices around the world. It is necessarily not the default Internet Protocol address for all the users though. Here this article will talk about the use of this popular IP address in details for the readers.

Why is network is set as the default Internet Protocol Address?

Do you know the reason behind setting the default IP address to 192.168.I.I? It is primarily done in order to promote a standard computing environment and also aid the first time users to make the settings conveniently without the help of any other expert. The first timers can set their own networks quickly and without hassles.

The IP address can be used on any computer, modem and Internet device worldwide is basically a private IPV4 address. Computers. Modems, routers and any other Internet device can be configured using the IP address. The IP address is usually not suggested since connectivity problems might erupt. It is mainly because of the fact that multiple devices will be using the same default IP address popping issues.

Accessing 192.168.l.l

Do you want to access the IP address, All that you are required to do is type the IP in your browser’s address bar, following by pressing the enter or click on the go link. Once you enter the address, you can make the necessary changes in the settings as per your requirements. For instance, you can set up the username and the passwords. Moreover, you can also configure the device that you are using it for the network accessing.

What can be done via

The best part about is that it can be used as many times as you want. In fact, more than one user can use it, provided there are different networks. One device might be using, and other network devices can use the same IP address.

Wrong network setup means no Internet connectivity

In case, you end up with the wrong configuration of the network setting, you might lose the Internet connection. It is always suggested to keep a backup of all the default settings before you plan to make any changes. In case, there is something irreversible wrong while making changes in your network device via the 192.186.l.l IP address, there is nothing to worry.

The reset button is the blessing

Thanks to the presence of the reset button that is equipped in every network device. All that you need to do is press the button, the entire setting automatically gets restored to the factory default setup. Hence, you don’t have to end up bothering or worrying if any setup changes go wrong with your network device.

How to reset the device?

The following steps will clearly give you an idea to reset the network device:

  • Get to the rear of the router in order to get the access of the reset button.
  • You need to hold in the reset button for a few seconds. You might require a pointed object like a pen or a pin to press it.
  • Hold the button for around 30 seconds and then release it.
  • You have to unplug the router for a few seconds time and then re-plug it once again.
  • The router requires some time to boot up, say wait around for a minute or so.
  • Through the network cable, you should connect the router device to your computer.
  • Connection to the router is made through the IP address for router admin login. You have to enter the username and the default password of the admin.
  • If you wish, you can alter the default router password.

The above mentioned are some of the simple and basic steps that help your router or modem to reset to the factory setting, in case, you have made any network setting error while changing the default setup.