Huawei Watch GT2 – Pairing & Setup

Huawei Watch GT2 stands out with its minimalist design and sensitive touch control. The charge of the device varies according to usage, but to give an average time, it lasts for 10 days. You can use its features while working or doing sports, you can make calls or listen to your music list. Stress and sleep tracking, message notification and bluetooth call are among its remarkable features.

How to pair and setup Huawei Watch GT 2

First of all, we need to download the Huawei health application from the relevant play market. Make sure you download the latest version or update the app. Then make sure that the bluetooth feature is turned on both on your smart watch and on your mobile phone.

Open “Settings  →Bluetooth  ” and select your GT2.

You open the Huawei health app. Here you select your relevant GT 2 device. Here, the bluetooth feature asks you for a few permissions, and you continue by saying ok. The pairing process will start automatically between your smart watch and your mobile phone. If it did not find your device automatically, add your device from the + add device section and then proceed by selecting it.

Pairing is now complete. You can move on to other property adjustments. Only 1 smart watch can be paired at the same time via the application. Then you can make settings such as message notifications, heart rate monitor, pressure test, and uku tracking from the application settings. You can choose the one you want from the watch face options. You can pay for more options. There are few free options.

You can pair multiple smartwatches to the same phone. Of course, all of them are Huawei branded. But you can use the last paired or selected device in use. You cannot use them all at the same time. In order to do this pairing, you can complete the pairing of all devices one by one via bluetooth from the + add device section on the application. Which smart watch you want to use, you can use it by selecting that smart watch from the bluetooth list. You can define your own desired settings for all watches.

How to Reset HUAWEI Watch GT 2

You can do the reset process in 2 ways. One can be done via your smart watch and the other option can be done through the health application. Go to > settings on the smart watch and tap the > reset button. All settings will be reset and you will lose all your data. Do not reset unless absolutely necessary. If your watch has freezing or other errors, if you cannot use the device efficiently, then you can choose it. The second method is to select your device first through the application, then tap the > factory reset button.

You will find a list of solutions below for possible problems that may occur on your device. These problems can be: your inability to answer incoming calls, health applications not working correctly and efficiently, music stops, etc.

Problem Solutions:

  • If your mobile phone is connected to more than one bluetooth device, try to disconnect other connections.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the apps. Upgrade your firmware version if it is not the latest version.
  • For your health apps (like heart rate measurement) to work properly, your watch must not rest on the wrist bone. Wear the device correctly.
  • Turn off the phone, reset the network settings, set up again.
  • Cancel the pairing, wipe the device from the app. Then re-pair by adding it again.
  • Perform the device reset process through the application.

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