192.168.l.l admin admin

192.168 . I. I  the sort of IP address to access admin panel. 192.168.I.I admin admin panel gives opportunity to users to configure their network connection. It can be used at computers, tablets and smart phones. Also, being Android, I Pad or Linux users has no effect on accession to admin panel with 192.168.I.I admin admin IP address. You can easily access to administration panel with 192.168.I.I at all devices.

192.168.I .I admin panel and admin panel are same, they are just alternatives IP addresses of each other. You can use whatever you want.

For accessing to 192. 168 .I.I admin admin panel ;

*Search 192.168.I.I on the searching browser and click on first web site.

*Find the user name and the password section at that main page.

*Write your user name and password and enter it (All wireless routers have this information on it. Look at back side of your wireless router, there must be a label that includes information about the user name, the password and serial number of modem. You can easily learn user name and password from there)

*If it is needed, write the user name and password of network connection servicer, it is not needed, go directly admin panel. (The only way to learn the user name and the password of network connection is learning from your network servicer company because it is specific information for every individual users.)

*Enter the network settings to visualize your network connection profile (In few wireless router brands, this section is called network preferences. Also, there can be alternative names for network settings section.)

*After that step, you access the admin panel.You can fix network and modem problems, do DNS and Proxy security choices, renew the modem interface, performance the modem activity, measure the speed of network connection and change IP default address for settings at admin panel.

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  1. My router made for teletalk by:zte Corp china/
    WiFi Internet connection for mobile device for name and password change me but password I don’t know ?

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